How do I make a reservation with Al’s Taxi?

You may book our service online through our Contact form or by emailing us at

Do I need to give my credit card details or deposit in advance to make a reservation? Is there any cancellation fee?

No, we do not need your credit card information to make a reservation. Simply, an email confirmation from your side is enough for us to make the reservation. You can book without any advance payment, hence there is no cancellation fees.

How do I pay?

You pay us with cash at the drop off point of your transfer.

Are there any extra charges?

No, there are no extra charges whatsoever. Price agreed on email confirmation will be applied and you will not be charged for any other amounts.

Are your prices per person?

Prices are per vehicle. Participants will share the cost between themselves.

How much should I tip?

Tipping the chauffeur at the end of the trip is typical (normally about 10% of the total) but it is absolutely optional, and solely at your discretion. If you like the service you may, if not you do not have to.

How much time do we spend at each highlight on private or layover tours?

As you can expect, some spots are more time-consuming than others. With this in mind, there is no set time for each highlight. You will have plenty of time to take photos of the landmarks and we watch how the tour progresses at each landmark and adjust the tour accordingly.

What is the difference between a tour guide and a driver – guide ?

For those of you who are booking private tours for the first time, perhaps a little clarification would help. A tour driver and a tour guide are not the same. It is to your advantage when booking a private tour to be sure that you understand the difference and know in advance what you are paying for. A tour guide has a license, usually issued by the state / country. He or she has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see. A guide is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and tell you about the history. A tour driver is not licensed, has not attended “guide” course, and is not permitted inside the site to tell you about the history. Many drivers are just as well versed in the area history as the guides. The difference of course is that they have to tell you the facts before you go inside.

How do we meet with you or your driver?


Right after you make a reservation with us, we will send you detailed email about the airport pick up process. Simply follow the instructions on the email, you will meet with your chaffeur easily on the airport.

After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, you will be routed to Arrival Gate where there is a crowd of people waiting for passengers to come out. Make sure to have my phone number with you, you never know what can happen in an airport! Normally it takes about 45 minutes from the time when the plane lands until you actually get to the public lounge. If you see that it will take longer, for example if your luggage is lost or simply takes it a long time to come out, please call us from on the phone or ask the custom officer to let you come out for a second to tell your driver you’ll be late. If you miss your flight or you experience a long delay, please contact us at the numbers provided on the email confirmation.


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